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Help us implement solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the buildings, industry, and/or transportation sectors in the United States.

To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, We Need Bold Solutions Fast

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact with dire consequences felt across the world, many of which are not yet clear and might persist for a long time. As economic activity and movement have come to a halt, experts are forecasting that carbon emissions could fall by up to 5% in 2020—the largest since WWII. While such a reduction is significant, it is a temporary outcome of a destructive phenomenon that has inflicted pain and suffering. As the globe tries to combat this pandemic and recover from its devastation, we must prioritize the future of the global climate to achieve meaningful and long-lasting results and promote economic prosperity and personal well-being. To safeguard the future of the world, immediate and bold action is needed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The mounting evidence of damage from climate change is daunting, and with each day that passes, the challenge ahead becomes more difficult. At the same time, the technologies, policies, and motivation to achieve a low-carbon future exists today. It is imperative that we adopt, implement, and scale these solutions as rapidly as possible.

The vast majority of GHG emissions come from a small set of countries and sectors. In fact, only 20 countries produce 75 percent of GHG emissions, and three-fourths of GHG emissions land in four energy sectors: electricity, transportation, buildings, and industry. Within the 20 countries, the United States has historically been the world’s largest carbon dioxide emitter and currently has the second highest amount of emissions in the world. If the United States decarbonizes at scale in the next ten years (later for poorer countries, earlier for richer countries)—i.e. by 2030—then we have a chance to land at a decent future. Failure in the United States almost guarantees global failure.

As the United States makes progress in decarbonizing the electricity sector, the other three key sectors – transportation, buildings, and industry – currently account for more than half of the national GHG emissions. To make real progress in decarbonizing our national economy, we need impactful and durable solutions that can effectively decarbonize these three sectors. We invite you to help us implement and scale effective solutions so that we can meet the climate challenge head on!

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