Meet the Awardee

Please join us in congratulating the Renewable Thermal Collaborative as the awardee of the 2030 Climate Challenge!

Renewable Thermal Collaborative / Washington, District of Columbia

Decarbonizing U.S. Industry with Renewable Thermal Energy

We will increase industrial renewable thermal energy 150% and slash Industrial thermal emissions 30% by 2030.

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Carbon Leadership Forum / Seattle, Washington

Building with Biomass: Using Buildings to Sequester Carbon at Gigaton-Scale

By connecting rural communities that harvest biogenic materials with urban areas that use large volumes of construction materials, we can cut emissions associated with agricultural waste and stimulate the economy with the creation of green jobs.

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RMI / Boulder, Colorado

Scale Zero: Healthy, Zero-Emission, Affordable Housing for All

 Scale Zero will establish a coordinated policy and retrofit implementation approach that will advance supportive policies and reduce the cost associated with zero-emission retrofits in five states.

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World Resources Institute / Washington, District of Columbia

Turning Point: Driving Climate Action through Southeast Transportation Electrification

Turning Point will build a Southeast coalition in seven states to accelerate equitable transportation electrification.

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Solar United Neighbors / Washington, District of Columbia

Upgrade Everyone: The First Gigawatt of Equitable Virtual Power Plants

The First Statewide Virtual Power Plant project will partner with utilities to dramatically step up the proven Pay As You Save (PAYS) inclusive investment and cost recovery system that enables energy upgrades to pay for themselves, with no credit check, loan, debt or up-front cost.

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